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I’m often asked how I got started in this business and I usually reply that I was born in to it. My father and his father before him documented our family history through home movies and still photography. We have oodles of slides and movies (with my dad’s streaming commentary once sound was added) covering our family milestones, vacations and simple, quiet moments. I cherish the memories that were captured and love watching my kids go through the images of my bad hair days, awkward teen years and other family moments. I am so honored that these great men shared their love of photography with me and gave me my first “real” camera at 14. I haven’t stopped documenting my world ever since.


I’m intrigued by people and am thrilled when I know I have captured something magical with my camera. As a mother, I know how important it is to freeze those special moments in time so you will never forget those chubby thighs, first steps, giggles, lost teeth and other childhood milestones when your children get big. My own kids are 22, 26 and 28 and are so over photographed that they will each need a self-storage unit to house their collections.